How to create an article in the ZWI file format

February 19, 2024 - Reading time: 3 minutes

This short tutorial describes how to create an article in the ZWI file format developed for the Encyclosphere project. ZWI files with articles can be created either from existing articles in the HTML format, or writing a completely new article and then exporting it to the ZWI file format.

Creating a ZWI article from known source

The best way to create an article from more than 30 public encyclopedias supported by Encyclosphere is to use the Encycloreader. Go to the web site and search for a word. If you see the result, this means the ZWI file is already for a download. Click on the title of the article. Scroll down and download the ZWI file.

If you do not see the article immediately, wait for 1-5 seconds. Then you will see the results after the title "From search of external encyclopedias:". If you find an article you are looking for, click on this title. After you looked at the article, you can find the ZWI file on the webpage You may need to wait for about 15 before this article appears.

If you like to use the command-line commands to make ZWI files from known sources, use the Python tool called ZWIBuilder.

Another way of obtaining a ZWI file is to use It has a similar functionality as the Encycloreader, but some ZWI files may be slightly outdated since it relies on the Encycloreader for ZWI with full article content. However, have ZWI files from many other publishers which are not in the Encycloreader.

Creating a new ZWI article

Using the existing Wiki

If you use encyclopedias such as Handwiki or Citizendium, write an article as usual using the wiki syntax. Then click on the menu "ZWI Export" (typically, at the top-right). This will push the article in the Encyclosphere. You should see it in after about 15 minutes. You can also search for it in

Using HTML editors

If you want to make an article using a WYSIWYG HTML editor, use the Encyclosphere test website EnHub. Look at the button "Add" from the top menu.

Making your own website with a HTML editor

If you want to create your own publishing platform to make ZWI files and host them, use the software called ks_found/ZWInode. You can find an instruction on this web page.

Making your own Mediawiki-style articles

If you want to create a ZWI file using the Mediawiki software, install Mediawiki and then add the extension called Extension:ZWIMaker. A test website demonstrates how to make ZWI files using Mediawiki.

Making your own DokuWiki articles

If you want to create a ZWI file using the DokuWiki software, install the DokuWiki and then add the plugin called plugin:zwidoku. A test website demonstrates how to make ZWI files.

Using Wordpress plugin

For people who use Wordpress content management system. one can use EncycloShare plugin.

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