Wiki Encyclopedia Editor

This is a test-bench program for designing and testing of a stand-alone ZWI files with wiki encyclopedic articles. Please use this form to add a title of your new article:

Article submission form

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A newly created article will be staged for 90 days in the dedicated folder (see the left menu called “Staged articles”). During this time one can download this article as a ZWI file. This file can be shared between different encyclopedias, or placed on your computer similar to other document files.

The ZWI files can be also uploaded to this editor for editing. In future, it would be possible to submit ZWI articles to different wiki encyclopedias (with full revisions and media), edit on your computer offline and submit it to the Encyclosphere network (if it will be accepted as the standard format for Encyclosphere).

The downloaded ZWI file contains the wikitext article, previous revisions, metadata, embedded media and ready-to-use HTML and XHTML. See ZWI files description.

Here is an example article About Encyclosphere. Edit it and then save it as “about_encyclosphere.zwi” file using the button “DOWNLOAD ZWI FILE“ located in the area below the text.

This online editor can also convert the ZWI articles to PDF, ODT (LibreOffice/OpenOffice) or LaTeX formats (the latter two formats are partially supported).

The ZWI file format is also implemented for HandWiki sandbox for Mediawiki software.

See Help topics.