enhub can be used to post invited blogs. This page describes the requirements for the enhub blogs and how to give your blog the perfect home.

Requirements for enhub's blogs

enhub blogs can contain up to:

  • 3 dofollow links to external web sites.
  • 3 images (that need to be directly uploaded).

Blogs related to adult or hate content are not allowed. All blogs stay permanently (without expiration dates). We strongly suggest to add the author name at the end of the blog (in italic).

How to add a blog

There are two methods to add blogs to https://enhub/blog

(1) Method A

Send a DOC/DOCX file with your blog to enhub@jwork.org. Our editors should inform you whether the blog is accepted or not. If the blog is accepted, you should pay $30 (see the section "Payments"). Our professional editors will check your blog, format it to a clean  HTML code, properly extract and upload images to the server. Typically, the blog will appear in https://enhub.org/blog in 1-2 days after the payment.

(2) Method B

You can also add a blog yourself if you know how to create articles using the WYSIWYG HTML editor. Note that there is no a direct conversion of the DOC/DOCX document format to a clean HTML, so you need to make sure you can write a good quality HTML, and all images must be directly uploaded to the enhub server (see the top-right menu).

There are the steps to create a blog:

  1. Register here.  The registration requires the enhub authorization code (see how to get it below).
  2. Login using this page.
  3. Create a blog using ⊕ New content on the left sidebar. Your blog will appear here. Do not forget to categorize your blog using "Options" (the top-right menu) and then "Category". After you finished, press "Save" (the top menu). You can also keep your article as a "Draft".
  4. Inform enhub@jwork.org that your blog is ready.

You can ask enhub@jwork.org for the authorization code needed for registration. We charge $20 for the authorization code. The account is valid for 1 month and then it needs to be renewed.

Even if you put the blog yourself, your blog will be checked by editors. If the blog does satisfy our quality standards, it will be rejected for publication.

The most common mistake when creating blogs is to copy-and-paste DOC/DOCX documents into the WYSIWYG HTML editor. This approach creates badly formatted HTML with many style tags that need to be removed by hand. Normally, blogs should only contain <P>, <H1>, <H2>, <IMG>, <A> tags. Use some automatic tools such as https://www.htmlwasher.com/

Tips: A first indication that your blog contains too many unnecessary style tags and/or  images are not correctly inserted (i.e. they are not uploaded as files to enhub) is the very large read time (shown below the title when you view the article).

Promoting blogs

Promotions can significantly increase the Internet traffic to your article. We use the following two approaches:

  1. A blog can be "sticky" in https://enhub.org/blog
  2. A blog can have a "teaser" on the main https://enhub.org page (see the 6th column).

We charge $20 (for 1 month) for each of such promotion styles.

Typically, Google/Bing needs about 1 day to include the blog to the search index. If blogs are not prompted, search companies need about 1 week to make the article visible in their searches.


All payments should be sent to https://enhub.org/pay (via PayPal)


enhub does not own copyright on submitted blogs. The blogs are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0.

See also our Disclaimers.

Contact: enhub@jwork.org