Four Ways to Avoid Malicious Sites When Betting Online

March 20, 2023 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Several fraudulent betting websites or applications have a respectable appearance, and they could even entice you with a bonus or an initial "risk-free" bet. However, you will not receive your funds after placing a wager and attempting to withdraw your profits. Technical difficulties may be cited as the reason you can't access your money by betting scammers. Before you can withdraw your profits, they might even request that you make another deposit.

One victim reported that he had attempted to cash out three times but had been rejected each time. Then a customer care rep informed him that he would need to present a "blank check" and a photocopy of his driver's license to access the funds. You will, however, never be capable of withdrawing your money from such sites, no matter what you do. Also, whatever private information you disclose will get into the hands of con artists. Use the information in this post to avoid placing a bet with a shady betting site.

Bet only at licensed websites

If you reside in a state where online gambling is permitted, you can avoid unethical and illegal betting sites by carefully inspecting each betting site and app. On top of sticking with betting companies that have been "white-listed" and endorsed by the gaming authority in your jurisdiction, you can also utilize a site like eating police (먹튀폴리스). Do not consider making a wager with a website or application that has not received approval from the gaming regulator in your state. It might be a scam, but even if it's not a straight-up money grab, it might be against the law. Thus, disregard any pop-up advertisements for gambling, spam emails, or random SMS, and choose a "safer" betting site. But it's not as if state-licensed casinos are guaranteed to be honest; after all, dishonesty and betting have a longstanding history, and not all sportsbooks are morally upright.

Understand the site's policies on freezing winnings

Several users of gambling websites claim that they have been penalized for appearing to have an "unfair edge" or "irregular playing patterns," and that gambling websites have occasionally frozen their profits as a result. Sites typically have the right to impose restrictions on users' activity without prior notice, but whether such users deserve such restrictions depends on the circumstances and point of view. You should be aware that gambling organizations can freeze gamblers' money for various reasons. And trying to "unfreeze" the money could involve red tape, inconvenience, and even legal action. The specifics of the betting strategies regarded as suspicious or irregular differ from site to site.

Examine the terms and conditions of incentive offers

Gambling websites and applications frequently provide incentives or bonuses, especially to new users and during major events. But these might be misleading, just like any sales pitch. Always review the fine print on bonuses and other rewards carefully because if anything seems too enticing to be true, you're definitely missing something.

Investigate the site's reputation

Visit a consumer-focused website, such as eating police (먹튀폴리스), to learn what others are saying before you deposit money with any betting websites. Avoid reputation and review websites that are operated by the gambling business.

Online betting is a fantastic pastime that provides excellent fun. And you shouldn't let shady websites take advantage of your hard-earned money. But you should be aware that many scammers are out there, so watching out for some typical warning signs is crucial.

by Shira Xavier