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This editor allows to add and edit articles from Encyclosphere P2P network. Read more about the EnHub editor.

Add a new article

In order to add a new article to the EncycloSphere network, add a new title and press "Create". Then you can submit it to the network.

A newly created article will be sent to the P2P Encyclosphere network. It also be staged on this server for 90 days (see the left menu "Recent changes"). During this time one can download this article as a ZWI file (see "ZWI export" button in the top-right menu), and resubmit it to the network. This file can be shared between different encyclopedias, or placed on your computer similar to other document files.

Edit existing article

If an article exists in the P2P Encyclosphere network under the publisher "EnHub", you may open it in this editor, make changes, and re-submit it to the network. Please specify article's title:

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