What is a backlink profile?

Topic: Software

by E.Brown


Competent link building is an important ranking factor in search engines. Today, backlink promotion remains one of the priority methods for SEO specialists. In addition to internal factors, search engines also take into account the quantity and quality of backlinks to the promoted resource when ranking.

Here is how it works. You place links on other domains, and people click on them and get to your site. Search engines begin to “respect” it more and promote it higher in search results. The logic is the following: if other websites link to a resource many times, then it is useful, and users should see it.


A backlink profile includes external links placed on various sites to increase trust in the promoted website. It concerns the quantity and quality of links, their weight and relevance, and the DR of domains. High-quality link building ensures your website promotion to the first pages of the search results and a traffic boost.

Links can affect website promotion in different ways:

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Ways To Create A Backlink Profile

You can get backlinks in different ways:

Moreover, the higher the donor DR, the more weight the link will transfer, and the more chances the site will move up in the search results. It is also crucial to pay attention to the quality of the resources - suitable niche, categories, anchors, relevant texts, and so on - all this increases website ranking.

The weight of the link is determined by a dozen criteria. But the main one is the reputation of the donor. Also, there should no be "noindex" and "nofollow" tags if you want links to be indexed.

Pros And Cons Of Link Building

Link building can significantly improve the position of the promoted resource:


When working with third-party resources, it is necessary to take into account the potential benefits and harms of cooperation and choose proven sites with good metrics only.

Link Building Rules

For link building to work effectively as a tool for website promotion, it is necessary to think over a strategy and draw up a plan for off-page SEO before starting work.

Select high-authority donors

Before you place your materials on third-party resources, you need to carefully study their “metrics”, traffic, trust level, and history of cooperation with other websites. If the site has a positive experience and a good reputation, it makes sense to apply for buying links.

Place links gradually

Don't post a huge number of links a single time. It can be considered spam, then all backlinks or your website can be blocked. It is necessary to develop a posting schedule and post links little by little. In addition, you should focus on the content and backlinks quality.


Use keywords, names of models, brands, and comments, and combine various types of links as anchors.

Link Building Mistakes

Poor link building can lead to negative consequences for the site, so you need to avoid some mistakes:

  • If the donor site is little known, buying backlinks will not improve your backlink profile.
  • Well-written text with a semantic core will make the link relevant.
  • The price for “advertising” doesn't always correspond to the desired effect. Well-known sites may charge large sums for ineffective cooperation. Before buying, you need to study the reputation of the donor and purchase links at a reasonable price.
  • Before starting work with a donor site, it is critical to study its “metrics” related to spamming.



Search engine algorithms responsible for ranking sites in SERPs analyze various site factors, one of which is the backlink profile. Remember that a good backlink is a link from a live domain of the same niche, where there are not a huge number of other commercial links and traffic is high.