A guide to troubleshooting common MacBook problems

Topic: Software

by T.Smaltsar

MacBooks are famous for their power and reliability, but they can sometimes have problems like any computer. These can be errors caused by both hardware and software. Any technique has its common issues that people who purchase it may encounter. The only advantage of the MacBook is that the number of these issues is much less than its analogs. Fortunately, for the most common errors, there is already a solution to fix them.


Keyboard issues

Users sometimes encounter a common problem their keyboard stops working. This may be related to the software or hardware of the computer. To resolve the issue, it is recommended that you restart the SMC. If this does not help, fortunately, there are many other tips for fixing this error. It is enough to search the Internet for what to do if my mac keyboard is not working and take advantage of the tips. If none of the methods help, you must contact an Apple Authorized Service Center.

Performance issues

Performance is a crucial advantage of the MacBook among computers. Sometimes users face difficulty when their equipment starts to work more slowly. Different factors can affect work speed, mainly too many open programs that run in the background and consume performance. To do this, close all third-party applications that are not needed.

Lack of space

Also, the amount of free disk space can significantly influence performance. If it is not enough, then the computer begins to slow down its speed. To resolve this problem, you should first check the status of the disk and then, if a shortage is detected, clean up. If the issue is not resolved by closing third-party programs and cleaning the disk, then it is recommended to reinstall the operating system. This